Who We Are?

A student Rocketry organisation in the heart of Norways space industry

Ignite UIT is a student organization dedicated to the design, construction, and launch of our very own rocket. We are a collective of enthusiastic and curious students driven by the desire to delve into the realms of space and rocket science. 

Our mission is to foster an inclusive community that welcomes students from every academic background. The only requirement being that you love space and rockets!


Ignite UiT was founded in the beginning of 2023 by a group of students interested in space and rockets. 

In light of the thriving space industry in our region, notably with organizations like Andøya Space and Kongsberg Satellite Services leading the way, the timing couldn’t have been more opportune for us students to establish our own space-focused organization.

What we offer

Ignite UIT offers a practical approach to learning through knowledge, collaboration, and creativity. Members of the organization have the opportunity to work on all aspects of rocket production, from design to production. 

Ignite UiT plans to participate in Eurorock 2024 – European Rocketry Challenge with our first project called Stallo.

Our timeline

February 8
IgniteUiT is founded

IgniteUiT is founded by a group of students interested in space and rockets. 

September 7
Semester start and kick off

Successful recruiting after the summer led to a significant increase in new members, and the semester was started with a proper kickoff. We also reveal our new logo.

October 1
Concept engineering

The different teams are continuing to do research in their respective field. The goal is to come up with different concepts and solutions which will be presented later this month internally and at Spaceport Norway.

October 25
Spaceport Norway

In october of 2023, wee had the opportunity to attend Spaceport Norway. It was and unforgettable experience that gave us deep insights into Norway's exciting future in space.

Our president, Dabrowka Knach, did an excellent job presenting our project alongside all the other student organizations we were fortunate enough to meet and connect with 👨‍🚀

January 12-14
February 18

WE had the privilege of participating in Tek-Dagen at our campus in the north. This conference serves as a bridge connecting students with industry-leading companies, and it is proudly hosted by students from UiT.

March 15-16
Project Stallo
Design review

After our initial design review last week, we’re grateful for all the valuable feedback received.

This week, we’re fully focused on examining these insights, laying the groundwork for further refinement and progress. 

March 17
Project Stallo
Project Stallo

Meet Stallo, our first ever rocket! 🚀

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June 10
EuRoC 2024

We're thrilled to announce that we've been selected to participate in the European Rocketry Challenge 2024! 🚀